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Cantillon Labs' mission is to help tech startups scale in Europe and globally.

Our primary business provides expert consulting services in scaling strategy and execution to enterprise tech CEOs in Dublin, London, and New York.


Building and scaling a great technology company is hard. What it takes to win - intellectual horsepower and focused execution - are in short supply.


That's where we come in: we can act as an interim COO/CFO or the 'special operations' team to get the important and the urgent accomplished. That can mean everything from war-room workshops with your executive team to delivering complex financial analysis on the drivers of your business. Examples of our projects include:


Product roadmapping, market entry analysis, and quantitative decision analysis


Financial planning, implementing KPI performance management for growth

Sales & Growth

Developing go-to-market strategies, sales business cases, and sales compensation

Hiring &

Designing role job descriptions and hiring profiles and building organisations


Chief-of-staff work, managing key priorities and implementing process improvement

Chief Executives and Founders work with us to solve difficult problems. We also help investors with execution support for their portfolio companies.

Our work is usually structured on a project basis or as a part-time interim operating role.

Our Offering


We bring a Silicon Valley approach to problems, projects, and teams.


We don't want to just advise, we want to create a strong partnership focused on your goals. Our razor-sharp analytical thinking developed in Silicon Valley and around the world traverses both strategy and tactics. Turning vision into execution is what we've been doing professionally for years. 


We have engineering mindsets and were trained in the crucible of some of the highest-performing teams in technology, working on the cutting edge. We understand tech fundamentals, speak the language of startup strategy, and are relentless in the face of business problems.


We believe in the beautiful capacity of human and technological progress and integrate it into our work every day. Our culture is a learning culture - unequivocally committed to improving and developing with our clients to push the boundaries of what's possible. 

Our Approach



Eoin Hayes set up his first sustainable business when he was 10 with his Dad, which funded his entry to London Business School in 2011, ranked the #1 European business school by the Financial Times in 2017

After LBS, he spent two years leading projects advising C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies and a further two and a half years as part of the Strategy team at Palantir Technologies in Silicon Valley, working on scaling internal operations with the CIO and the Head of Recruiting. 

In 2018, Eoin founded Cantillon Labs to bring the skills, networks, and experiences he's built in international business over the last 8 years to help tech leaders scale their companies through hypergrowth. He named the company after the 18th century Irish-French investor and economist, Richard Cantillon, who first described what an "entrepreneur" does.

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